Discovery Offer

Includes an Social Media Plan of action and three pieces for you to keep for 10 weeks in your shop to give them a trial run. It’s like I am bringing a mini trunk show right to your shop! Click the link to decide which three pieces your brides will love the most. We will even help you narrow down what pieces they like the best so you know exactly what to order.Want to read more about the exact PLAN OF ACTION?  Click here.

Consignment + Wholesale Offer

Are you sure that we are a perfect match but you can’t choose which pieces you want? I have set up a wholesale + consignment offer. Click to discover more. This offer might be best discussed by email or skype, but read it over and let me know what questions you may have.  Click here. 

Wholesale Offer

Do you have a clear vision of what your boutique and brides need? Then wholesale would be a great option for you. See our Wholesale Policies to discover the options and discounts.