Marea Hairpin

Marea Hairpin


The Marea hairpins are sophisticated hair accessories based on the natural forms of oysters. One small and one big oyster available in silver plated or 14k gold plated. Designer hair clips inspired by organic shapes and. Jewelry defined by nature that makes you get in touch with your feelings.

Marea Hair Pins: multifunctional hair accessories.
Designer hair clips to be worn in multiple ways to fit many occasions. Suitable for a casual hairstyle or a wedding hairstyle, depending on the way you do your hair. If you wear your hair down with long curls, these hair clips will look simple yet striking. To finalise your wedding hairstyle, make a loose braid on the back of your hair and put the Marea hairpins in here.

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An instinctive pull towards the calmness of the sea with its turning of tides and shifting palettes of colour. With this in mind, the Touched By The Sea collection was created. One piece from the collection: the Ora Hair Pin is a luxury hair clip with ethernal shells, handcrafted from sterling silver. Also suitable for an everyday or wedding hairstyle.

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