Mare Comb

Mare Comb


The Mare hair comb is graceful hair comb from aqua aura quartz, attached to a silver or gold plated comb.

Wearing the Mare hair comb.
It will look elegant in a romantic, high updo, or a fishtail braid.  

Similar hair accessories.
If you like the aqua aura quartz, you might like the smaller version of this Mare hair comb: the Viri hair comb. An elegant hair comb, consisting of the same quartz that are attached to a silver plated comb.

Options for this hair comb.                                                                         
The comb is available in a gold or silver color.                        

Order details.
All pieces are made to order, please allow 2 weeks for accessories and 5 weeks for bespoke design to be shipped. For rush orders, please email me at

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