Bridal looks remain the talk of the day and are even recalled many years later or when you see the album. Apart from the whole make-up the glow, sometimes some face part make up becomes a trend, such as loud lip makeup, nude lip makeup, glamourous smokey eye make, or winged eye makeup and sometimes highlighted hairs, etc. Today we will discuss in detail about the latest bridal smokey eye makeup.

So here’s the bridal eye makeup guide for getting smokey eye makeup, for brides to be that can act as the reflection or mirror of your heart.

  • winged eye makeupPrime the eyelid

First and foremost you need to primer your eyelid to allow smokey eye makeup to smudge and settle into fine lines. It would make your eye makeup stay intact the whole day long.

  • Apply a creamy concealer

After priming the eyelid, just conceal your makeup. This helps create a smooth base for the eye make-up that helps cover the shadows of any sort.

  • Treat your under-eye with some loose powder.

After the concealing part is done, apply some loose make-up with the brush over the eyelid and under the eye to cover the flaws of the fine lines.

  • Brush up some light eye shadow

Take a light or medium shade of eye makeup. Sweep it across the lid with the flat brush and blend it upward and outward into the crease.

  • Apply eyeliner on the lash line

Apply a good amount of eyeliner on the top of the lash line. Blend it towards the crease. Use a blending brush to smudge it perfectly. Then apply the same eyeliner on the lower lid and paint it too.

  • Sweep a darker shadow

After the liner part is done, apply the darker shadow shades. Blend it perfectly to get a smokey look.

There are some dos and don’t for that perfect look

  • Select the shadow shades wisely.
  • Don’t overdo the foundation
  • One must be a master in blending.