Hold on to your 2019 new years resolutions with the Flore Earrings.

Which bad habit will you change in 2019?
What kind of goal are you gonna go for in 2019?
Do you have your list ready?

Every year I write a letter to myself lying out all my BIG dreams and goals. Then I hide the letter in a wooden box and leave it there until next New Year’s eve. Not making any plan to accomplish them. This is just a way of thinking BIG and opening your mind to your desires. There are no limiting thoughts just Abundance.

When the letter is finished, I’m in a Abundance mindset and I start with my goals for the New Year. Full of energy I start writing them down and the 1st of January I’m ready for them.
And then after 3 weeks the BIG challenge starts! How to hold on to the resolutions.
The energy is gone and all that’s left is pure will power.
It becomes a struggle and then we forget why we even started.

Will you let your New Years Resolutions fade away again? Ore will you let them flourish into a unique and beautiful flower?

“You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”
Oprah Winfrey.

The Flore earrings reminds you to let your ambitions and goals bloom into reality this New Year. Feeling all energized when you see yourself in the mirror wearing the Flore Earrings and ready to work on your Goals.